Thursday, February 3, 2011

Whereto should I express...

Paris Bordone. Venetian Lovers. 1525-30. The Brera, Milan.
Paris Bordone. Venetian Lovers. 1525-30.
"Whereto should I express"
By King Henry VIII

Whereto should I express
My inward heaviness?
No mirth can make me fain
Till that we meet again.

Do 'way, dear heart, not so!
Let no thought you dismay ;
Though ye now part me fro,
We shall meet when we may.

When I remember me
Of your most gentil mind,
It may in no wise agree
That I should be unkind.

The daisy delectable,
The violet wan and blo—
Ye are not variable,
I love you and no mo.

I make you fast and sure ;
It is to me great pain
Thus longë to endure
Till that we meet again.

Poetry of the English Renaissance.
William J. Hebel and Hoyt H. Hudson, Eds.
New York: F. S. Crofts & Co., 1941. 8-9.