Wednesday, February 11, 2009

A Live Poetry Bomb

A Live Poetry Bomb

All people, fearfully calls him a live poetry bomb,
because his rhymes are deadlier than bullet’s storms.
When he rapidly shots stanzas from his mouth’s barrel,
hapless minds feels naked, in their wisdom’s apparel.
He often emails unsuspecting people to read his poetry
and coax and beseech them to post their commentaries.
Many victims who had fell to fatal gunshots of his poetry,
are still smarting from his deadly epitaphs in cemeteries.

He assembles vague paragraph and slices it into two half,
so to fire it as a poem, and soar up his statistical graph.
Whenever he is short of ammunitions for poetic fights,
he searches for explosives on rhyming dictionary’s sites.
Then he fuses combustive lines for his lethal mission,
so to blow up all the literature with atomic poetry fission.
Then he ruthlessly bombs his poem on all poetry websites,
wherein community of poets gathers to taste literary delight.
Then he selfishly comments on other’s poems with fervour,
knowing well that others would gladly reciprocate his favours.

Everyone in the society dreads his nuclear poetic blast,
as it could push a poetic world into a literary holocaust.
People calls him a poetic blitzkrieg of worst kind,
as he shamelessly shatters a fragile peace of their minds.
Even God the bard, duck downs bombardment from him,
for he mercilessly mutilates his inspiration’s streams.
Lo! all the wounded minds prays on mangled poem’s tomb
for God to descend and diffuse the ticking poetry bomb.
Dr Hitesh C Sheth