Tuesday, August 5, 2008


This traditional composition in the Nata Raga, sung to Shri Krishna in the early
afternoon, was written by the 16th century Ashta-Chhap poet-saint Govinda Swami. His
life was full of deep realizations, and his Brajabhasa words carry to us the essence of
pure devotion:

The Beloved is found only through love.
Physical beauty, good virtues, fine character
and a noble home –
these possessions will never please God.
You could have a high birth,
good karmas, auspicious signs, and
have knowledge of the Vedas and Puranas…
Sings Govinda, “…But, my friend!
Without love,
what is the point of reciting
like a parrot?”

Pritama Prita hi te paiye
Yadyapi rupa guna, shila su-gharata
ina baatana na rijhaiye
Sat kula janma, karma subha lakchana
Veda purana pardaiye
Govinda bina sneha suvaa lo
Rasanaa kahaju na chaiye